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You’re invited on our feel-good journey with a mission to help you make a positive change to your mental wellbeing. Break free from irrational negativity and discover a world in which you can control your underlining anxiety through the power of positive experience. Let’s get started…

Hi, I'm 
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It all starts with an inner dialogue

Hello there, I'm Jason.

Just before we start this experience, I'd like to share with you how Positive Immersion came to light.

For me, it all starts with an inner dialogue, so I'm intrigued to know, does this sound a little familiar? Once you've viewed the video, click the button below the video to continue to hear mine that goes something a little like this...

"I'm fine..well, I think I am.
Although something doesn't feel right."

"Anyway, I don't need to tell anyone, these feelings will go away by themselves."

"I just need an escape, to go to my 'happy place' and forget about everything going on right now and...it'll be ok."

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"Ah, that's better."

Just press play below when you're ready - this best works with headphones.

Finished escaping? Scroll to come back to real-life.

"That was good to get away, but to be honest, I don't feel much different."

"I can't seem to fully escape these negative emotions; they always hold me back from being positive."

"I know I can change this, but how?"

The Positive Immersion mission is to...

...help you discover experiences that balance you from the inside. In a way, they can be a form of escapism, but with a reason to improve your levels of positiveness and promote a healthier state of mind.

This website is just a taster of that which can alter your perception of what we can experience each and every day, which hopefully this one has brought you closer to my brand. Experiences that are engaging, more involved, immersive and inspiring can change your mood, attitude and overall mental wellbeing towards life. Not only that, but this change in perspective will help us to really embrace the little things, such as walking the dog or listening to music.

Right now, there's especially a real disparity between what we lack in real, outside in-personal experiences and what is easily accessible in these times. I want to change this by creating and curating experiences that make a positive difference in the lives of others.

I hope that one day this positive immersion will harness the power of one's ability to break free from irrational and negative thought patterns and help us escape the boundaries we set for ourselves.

What you can expect

I'm here to lead, create and curate evergreen content in a form where you can experience life more positively; we really want that people say "I feel good" after interacting with what we share.

My inspiration came from exploring experiences and the boundaries we have faced in 2020. I really needed something just like this so that's why I wanted to create it for others, especially during a unique time when we’ve been confined and limited by our choices to experience the world.

Join us in the feel-good journey!

I invite you to be part of our feel-good journey.

Challenge the boundaries of your thinking and experience the power of immersion that will change the status quo of future consciousness - become a follower today, it costs nothing. Most ‘content’ out there is purposely set up online to 'sell' something, however, our intention is focused on the experience first and foremost.

Honestly, I actually have nothing to sell you.

I simply request your email address so we can keep you in touch with the positivity we have to share. Also, you'll be invited to be part of a community where you can feel an affinity and belonging, to engage personally with myself and others.

Believe me, when I say this, you are not going to be on just another email list. Email addresses can be thrown away these days, but trust me with the one you regularly connect with and I promise not to abuse it.

A positive change in your mental wellbeing may well start right here. Are you ready to join?

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